3DBotic, a Reno manufacturer of 3d printers, will be giving a free 2 hour class about 3d printing at the Reno Collective on April 5th, at 5:00pm.

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3d printing means creating actual objects by printing them out with a special printer. These are objects you hold in your hands, not images on paper!

If you have an idea for a new invention or gadget, you can create it on your computer, then print it out. If you want to make artistic sculptures, you can print them out as an actual object you hold in your hand.

You can even do light volume manufacturing and sell your inventions or sculptures yourself! This is desktop manufacturing. These printers take up the space of a laser printer or larger inkjet. They can sit on your desk in your office.

The class will cover:

Easy to use software to create 3d models

How to export the model and prepare it for printing

How to use the 3d printer

Class attendees will receive free software to create things on your computer. Free beer (for those over 21).

Event Info:



Reno, NV


April 5th, 2013


Class Location:

Reno Collective

522 Lander St

Reno, NV 89509

RC phone is: (775) 391-3023

Click for flyer: 3D Printing Class April 5th