About Us

is a life hacker. Ever since he was a kid, he has been taking things apart. In the early days, he couldn’t put them back together, so his dad just gave him old garbage radios and tape players to hack. Later, Chris figured out how to put things back together, and maybe more importantly, what NOT to take apart in the first place, like the family TV which had nothing wrong with it.

Eventually, he received his “official” hacking degree, that is, a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Oregon State University
Here’s a short list of things he has hacked together over the years:

  • his first startup, a web based loan business
  • radio control helicopters, cars and airplanes
  • futures (commodities) trading systems and back testing software
  • a Toyota MR2 Turbo
  • another MR2 to shoehorn an oversize V8 into it
  • a bicycle to make it into the vastly superior, more comfortable, easier, faster and funner to ride recumbent bicycle (yeah, I know “funner” ain’t a word!)
  • his house and a couple other houses with various remodeling upgrades
  • websites and software and another startup
  • An finally, hacking 3D printers and yet another startup, 123D Printer

Chris became interested in 3D printers in 2012. Many years ago, he was taught about stereolithography at OSU. He saw that 3D printers are the “home” version of stereolithographic machines that normally are in the tens of thousands of dollars to purchase, and will revolutionize small business and home based manufacturing and prototyping, similarly to how laser and inkjet have revolutionized home and small business publishing and printing. He saw the huge untapped potential of the “digital desktop manufacturing” revolution, and wanted to be part of this exciting new field, so he launched 3DBotic to bring affordable 3D printers to the masses.

Chris lives in Reno, Nevada and even though the casinos have great food, Chris knows the math and avoids the gambling tables. Instead, he enjoys the light headed feeling he gets from Reno’s almost one-mile altitude, and about 252 sunny days per year.
Email: 3dbotic@gmail.com
Contact Telephone: 775-455-0850