3DBotic will launch Kickstarter project!

Company Name: 3D Botic
Email: 3dbotic@gmail.com
Contact Telephone: 775-455-0850

For Immediate Release

3D Botic will turn to Kickstarter to grow DIY and pre-assembled 3D printer kit business

The 3D printing revolution is almost here. And once Chris Bulen officially launches his 3DBotic brand, he believes the revolution will truly start. “A 3D printer is a special printer that you connect to your computer that can build or make an object, as opposed to a 2d printer which just creates an image of an object on paper,” said Chris, lead Engineer at 3DBotic.

[This page will be updated with the link to the Kickstarter project when it is up]

“These have been entering the market more and more,” Chris explained, “and now I will be introducing my flagship 3D printer product for pre-orders. It’s called the MendelMax MM151 and it’s a Do-it-Yourself complete 3D printing kit for homes and small offices, and includes full electronics and motors. I’m offering several versions including one with no soldering required.”

“With the introduction of this brand at a very attractive price point for home users, I feel everyone with an idea and some creativity can become a maker,” continued Chris. “The future is now here and is accessible for everyone!”

Chris knows this product pre-launch will be no small task. This is why he will be launching a Kickstarter campaign to generate pre-orders for the MendelMax MM151 and other 3D printer models in his product line.
Kickstarter is a crowdfunding website for creative projects and works in progress, where people and companies can post their projects for fans, supporters and site visitors to review. If moved to do so, site visitors can contribute anywhere from $1 to thousands of dollars, and in return, they receive rewards that relate to the project they support.

“My first goal is to raise some capital and get enough 3D printer pre-orders to establish my brand and to expand the business to have worldwide reach,” said Chris.
Chris plans to launch his Kickstarter campaign soon to capture the market. For additional information on the upcoming 3DBotic products or upcoming Kickstarter campaign, visit the 3DBotic website at https://3dbotic.com/ or contact Chris at 3dbotic@gmail.com